Monday, May 9, 2016

Macro Turkey Feathers

As promised some closer views of some turkey feathers. All were taken with Nikon 40mm Macro lens and a few using a reversing ring (lens mounted backwards). Enjoy!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Center for Cartoon Studies Block Party

The family and I went to the 10th anniversary of the Center of Cartoon Studies in White River Jct. this afternoon. Here are some candid street shots and some images inside Vermont Salvage.

Hazen Falls

Cloudy, Spring, Weekend=Waterfall Shots.

Here I am at the bottom of he falls with my new golf cart umbrella holder attached to my tripod. It works pretty slick.

Below: ISO 400, 34mm, f/10, 25 sec w/10 stop ND Filter.

Below: ISO 400, 34mm, f/7.1, 25 sec. w/Hoya Infrared filter.

Below: ISO 400, 34mm, f/7.1, 25 sec. w/10 stop ND filter.

Below: ISO 640, 19mm, f/10, 5 sec.