Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bellows Falls in HDR-Trip #2

I have been itching to get back down to Bellows Falls because I know I have only seen the tip of the iceberg (photography wise). The kids and I spent most of the day there. First we climbed Fall Mtn. for a perfect view of the city. We then ventured down to the river to talk to the fisherman just below the dam. They have been catching walleye, pike, and rainbow trout. We then ventured across the river to Bellow Falls and checked out the old mill buildings and bridges. We met a family who grew up in Walpole, but now live in Connecticut. He told me stories of climbing along the river below the bridge when he was a kid. Overall a great day exploring and of course taking pictures. Most of these shots are in HDR taken with multiple exposures and tripod. Enjoy!

Bellows Falls Panorama Bellows Falls from Fall Mountain Fall Mountain Bellows falls Hydroelectric Bellows Fallas Vilas Bridge Bellows Falls Old Paper Mill Bellows Falls Paper Mill Loading Dock Bellows Falls Bellows Falls Train Going By Bellows falls Stonework  Bellows Falls Boston and Maine

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thayer School Open House-Family Night

Some photos from last nights Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering open house. It was very interesting. There were over twenty stations with everything from robotics, DNA, Ham Radio, and cotton candy!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

OK, Plum Island Pictures With No Birds!

Here are some shots of Plum Island and the Newburyport, MA with no wildlife. There were some beautiful relaxing sunsets! The fireplace was the center piece of our rental.

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The USS Albacore Submarine Museum

A great visit to the USS Albacore Museum. We arrived early and had the sub to ourselves. It is very “hands-on”.  The other sub that I visited had almost everything blocked off. There was also nice narrative boxes along the way explaining things with stories. The periscope even worked!

USS Albacore Periscope USS Albacore Control Room USS Albacore Map Room USS Albacore Hatch USS Albacore BunksOn the phone USS Albacore  USS Albacore Galley USS Albacore Sonar Room USS Albacore Safety Valve USS Albacore Gauges USS Albacore Gauges USS Albacore Emergency Light USS Albacore Knob USS Albacore Front View USS Albacore Side View USS Albacore Rear View USS Albacore Sail