Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunset in the Lot

Took a late afternoon hike in the Boston Lot and went off the beaten path as I usually do. I ended up at the large marsh on the southern end. Always something new to look at.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Amackassin

The Amackassin Boulder, another old Lebanon landmark that people in the 18th century would flock to before there was the boob tube or the internet. The Amackassin boulder is Native American for “great stone” and was named by Reverend Charles A. Downs in the late 1800s. It weighs an estimated 500 tons. It can be viewed by parking at the top off Wolf Run and taking a quick walk on the trail behind the garbage dumpsters staying to your right. There are also some other large boulders nearby. It is amazing to imagine a glacier moving a rock of this size.


Monday, December 7, 2015

The Bridge in the Fog

Standing at the bus stop on a chilly foggy morning with my kids, I thought to myself, “Where can I get a good fog shot on the way to work”? The answer, the rail trestle along route 5 in Norwich. It is a spot that I have visited before. Enjoy.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

In search of Tipping Rock

12249961_1733987390164028_8936743547714701798_nAfter I saw this picture from a post on the Lebanon Historical Society Facebook page, I knew I had to find this old 18th century landmark. It was a two week journey scouring Boston Lot (Landmark Property) trying to find this rock. I thought I knew everything about the 3000+ acre parcel, but I was dead wrong. Walking the woods off the beaten path, there are some amazing  geological points of interest and there are thousands and thousands of large rocks. This journey also gave me some time to hang with family, friends, some old and new. Digging up old maps and trying to piece together the small clues. I knew someone must know where it is, but part of me enjoyed the hunt, but finally I broke down and got the final clue from a local expert of the Upper Valley trails and woods.

Here are two more photos from the 1890s.

img017     img017-2

The clue below the image on the left stated: The “Tipping Rock,” a glacial rock that once could be tipped about 18”, located in the Boston Lot, west of Lebanon Center near the early road to Hanover.

I then went to the Lebanon Library to find some old maps to try to find this old road to Hanover.This map shows a road between Old Pine Tree Cemetery Road and the Wilder Dam, but is this the road? Unfortunately, it was not.


Here is a topographical map from 1907.


Here is the old map transposed over an up-to-date topographical map.


The other clue was that it was on the edge of an old field, so I thought looking along old stone walls would be a good idea. This older trail map of the area shows some stone walls east of the lake, but again it was a dead end.


Finally, it was found with the help of a local expert. Below is the approximate location of the Tipping Rock, not far from the Nature Walk trail entrance (approx. 15 minute hike). Directions: Take main trail in and take Creepy Teepee. Stay to your left to the Hardwoods Trail (right). Take the Hardwoods trail to Canyon. Take left onto Canyon and stay to the right on the old road and look for orange ribbons. Follow ribbons up old logging road to the rock (approx. 150 yards).

Tipping Rock

Here are some photos of tipping rock taken over the last few days.



Notice the large flat shelf that the rock sits on.


Looking from this angle, you can actually see a face in the rock.



Here is another view of the side that looks like a face.


Here is Brent trying to tip the rock. It does move slightly, but is still trigged.


The morning light.


Some other “large” rock formations: