Sunday, April 26, 2015

Big Dog Falls 2

Brent and I went on a Sunday morning adventure up to Big Dog Falls and beyond. There are three ways to get to the falls. We decided to follow the ridge over looking the brook.  After arriving at the falls, I noticed that the water level had dropped quite a bit from my visit earlier in the week. After a few photos Brent and I scurried up the step bank to the rim trail. We continued along a very narrow trail until we came to stones laid out in a square pattern. Just a little further we came to a second waterfall (which we have named Little Dog Falls). Just above the falls is a beaver pond which is just below Smith Pond.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Big Dog Falls (Smith Pond Brook Falls)

All week I have been itching to check out this waterfall. It really only runs in the spring or after a large rain. I visited it last year during the summer and it was only a trickle. I only had two hours of sunlight, so I made the trek as quick as I could (.9 miles). The trail starts behind Lake View Condos on Rte 4A in Enfield, NH There was also a light rain that I was also worried about. The trail follows the brook and ends at the waterfall.The last few hundred feet were tricky with wet rocks and snow. The first shot was blended with 4 shots at f/16 ISO 100 that were taken at different exposures. I used an UV and polarizer filter (about 2 stops). My longest exposure was 15 seconds. The second shot was blended with 3 shots at f/16, 10 mm 100 ISO, with the longest exposure being 2 seconds long.

Big Dog Falls Wide Angle Big Dog Falls Up-Close 

On the way back down I took the long way through some fields and came upon Jack, the porcupine. I was just in time for dinner. A nice way to end my adventure.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

10 Stopping Waterfalls

Went on a photo walk this morning at Bicknell Brook in Enfield, NH. It was not the best day for water shots, so I used a 10 stop Neutral Density Filter. The first two shots were 16 minutes long and the third shot was 2 minutes long.

A Walkabout Around Portland, ME

I was in Portland for four days for work. Some shots around downtown.

The Duck Ride-Boston

Some random shots taken while enjoying a Boston Duck Tour.